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My family history is
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Heirloom Films. Get the most amazing film ever made . . . The Movie About You!
Wednesday, 21 April 2010 08:45

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A Business Video or a Family Video?


Heirloom Films helps you use video and books to share with the world who you are - now and forever.

We provide genealogy, biography & autobiography services for seniors and families in Vancouver, BC.

For seniors and families we help you celebrate and share your life stories, family history, wisdom, and blessings with video or books. We create documentary films and books that make sure you, your photos, and mementos survive to inspire the next generation.

For business people we help you personally connect to the entire world with web videos so your next clients can know you, like you, trust you, and do business with you sooner.


Got the Movie About You?

Your life stories, family history, photos and mementos can be made into the the most amazing film you've ever seen...The Movie About You!

Heirloom Films is a producer of family history videos for kids, and your family.

Your search for family will give the next generation something to find. It could be a print storybook like a scrapbook or a video.

Life story videos capture and preserve forever your life stories, familly history, wisdom, blessings, photos and mementos on DVD and internet video - for the next generation to cherish.

With fun and simple video interviews, you and your parents can speak directly to your loved ones, giving them personal messages that will warm their hearts forever. More importantly, you could find a sense of completion and fulfillment by having said and recorded the most important things. Our clients say their family members are thrilled when receiving their family history videos.

Our video biographer and personal historian is a skilled interviewer. You will receive a list of basic questions to help you easily tell your life story. During enjoyable video interview sessions, your stories, photos, films, slides, and mementos are recorded. Then you’ll have a movie your loved ones will enjoy watching and be proud to show for decades. Your Heirloom Film life story video or family history video will serve as an irreplaceable storehouse of family information, identity, and values.




And what to do with old photos? Get Heirloom Films photo scanning services so those faces will be alive forever.


Heirloom Films will help you pass on your family's treasure with

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