Family History Documentary Films

What To Do With Your Family History and All Those Old Photos

This page is for you if your parents and/or grandparents have tons of old photos and stories and you’re not sure how to help them preserve and share all that stuff.

The Movie About You and Your Family! 

At Heirloom Films and Storybooks we specialize in interviewing seniors on video, and digitally capturing all their old photos, films, and mementos to create Life Story Family History films, videos and books that forever preserve and share a first-hand sense of who they are to inspire the next generation.


The biggest problem you’re probably facing right now is how to help your mother or father downsize. They’re moving from their current home into something smaller, right? Their place is full of stuff and only a small amount of it can go to their next place.

We can help with your challenge.

We’ll interview your mom and/or dad on video and record all their family stories. Then we’ll digitally capture all those old paper print photos and albums and store them on the Internet so you can post them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Picasa, and Flikr or add those images to your family tree on!

Video Interviews

Just make a movie.

Video Interviews

From the video interviews and imagery you'll get a beautiful life story family history film, a video that your family will love watching on all their devices forever.  

Your video will be stored on the web for instant streaming and streaming.

And you'll get a universal USB flash drive containing all your videos and photos.

Your family will have a beautiful video keepsake preserving it’s history and a first hand impression of your parents. All the physical photos and mementos can be inventoried, put into watertight plastic tubs, and stored away. Problem solved.

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We specialize in interviewing seniors on video.

 We digitally capture all their old photos, films, and mementos to create Life Story Family History films, videos and books that forever preserve and share a first-hand sense of who they are.

Why? To inspire the next generation.

Why Your Parents Want To Tell Their Life Stories and Family History

8mm film transfers

Imagine you find an old reel of film at a flee market. By the label, it appears that your great grandfather made a film many decades ago that tells the story of your family. Would you want to watch it? Of course, you would!

That's the opportunity you now have...To create your own Life Story Family History video – a real documentary film made about you and your family.

Imagine sometime in the future, one of your descendants finds your video and discovers you and your family! This is your chance to inspire the next generation. 

Great Grandchildren Will Want To Know

Give your mom and dad and grandparents the opportunity to pass on your family history. Someday your great grandchildren will want to know who their ancestors were. How will you tell them? How will you remember?

Video interviews with the elders of your family whether made into a book or film will become a treasured heirloom for your family forever.

Why would you have your parents interviewed?

Because they know your family’s stories.

They know in detail who your grandparents were and the challenges and triumphs that your ancestors experienced in creating a better life for you.

Your parents also know the stories and names of the people in that old photo collection.

Don’t be like those people who have waited too long to record the stories of their family. Alzheimer’s, dementia, strokes, hip replacements, and heart attacks can instantly steal your loved ones and those stories are lost instantly.

By having your parents and grandparents interviewed on video, you’ll have a film that will be the most amazing gift your family has ever received.

Heirloom Films Packages

When you are choosing what kind of life story family history film you want for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to get the right package.

You’ll need to purchase enough of the personal historian’s time to be able to adequately research the family history, do relaxed natural interviews, and digitally capture all the relevant photos, films and mementos plus put it all together later. 

At your free consultation we'll figure out the best package for the best price.