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Inspire the next generation with your life story, family history, old photos and 8mm films. Give descendants your custom tribute video or storybook.

Personal historian Cory Bretz explains the process of creating powerful tribute videos and storybooks.  

With simple video interviews and digital capture of your old photos you can give your family sweet and interesting life story family history videos and print story books. 

We specialize in helping you and your parents pass on your life story, family history, wisdom, blessings, old photos and films to the next generation.

Imagine your life story family history film tribute video made just like these . . .

I'm so excited about getting this film that has to do with my family and growing up and my parents. I'm leaving this for my grandchildren so they know about their family. Cory was just terrific because he asked questions that brought the best out of me. He is very good at interviewing.

Bea Goldberg, 93 
Film Client 

The Walsh Family Legacy

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