The greatest gift you can give is the story of you and your family.

It's your grandchildren and great grandchildren who aren’t even born yet who will appreciate what you are about to do.

Have your kids been asking you to write a book?

Record your memoirs?

"Do something" with all your old photos and mementos?

There is an easier way: Video and Storybooks! 

At Heirloom Films and Storybooks, we can help with your challenge. We know that writing a book or tackling that photo collection can seen daunting or even impossible.

Schedule Your Video Interviews

Why video? Because making videos is easy. With very simple and enjoyable interviews you can quickly tell your own story and your family history over a cup of tea with a professional interviewer who will do all the hard work for you!

We’ll digitally capture your old photos and put them into the interview footage and you’ll have a movie you can be proud of. And you won’t have to write a book!

Your Book from Heirloom Films and Storybooks

Your family will have a beautiful video keepsake forever preserving their history and a first hand impression of you and your partner.

They’ll be able to watch your movie on their smart phones, tablets, computers, and televisions.

All those physical photos, and albums and mementos can then be put into watertight plastic tubs and stored away. Problem solved.

Your life story family history video is going to be the most amazing gift you’ve ever given!

They’ll be able to watch your movie on their smart phones, tablets, computers, and televisions.

I'm so excited about getting this film that has to do with my family and growing up and my parents. I'm leaving my video for my grandchildren so they know about their family. Cory was just terrific because he asked questions that brought the best out of me. He is very good at interviewing.

Bea Goldberg, 93 
Film Client 

With simple video interviews and digital capture of your old photos you can give your family sweet and interesting life story family history videos and print story books.

Ready to make your
Life Story Family History Film? 

Imagine your life story family history film made just like these . . .

The Luber-Seligman Connection

A Saskatoon Story

The Walsh Family Legacy

Click the PLAY arrow buttons on the above videos to watch samples

Why Your Kids and Grandkids Want You To Tell Your Life Stories and Family History

> You’ve lived through interesting times and they will be inspired by hearing your story.

> You (and not many others) know the stories of your parents and grandparents. You can honour them by ensuring their memory lives on.

> You know the names of the people in all those photos in your albums and boxes. Your kids will someday wish they knew the names, like you do.

> You’ve learned what is important in life and how to stay positive, hopeful, constructive, useful, loving.You can remind them in your video.

> If your spouse has passed away, you know you’re the best person to tell their story so the next generation remembers who they were too.

Your Book from Heirloom Films and Storybooks

Are you ready to know the 10 Simple Steps to Sharing Your Life Story and Family History With Video? 

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When you are choosing what kind of life story family history film video you want for yourself, it’s important to get the right package. Your life story family history film will be around forever so understanding the components of an Heirloom Film is critical, before we start to make yours for you.

Ready to make your
Life Story Family History Film? 

Initial Film Planning Session

The first meeting you have with your personal historian could be several hours and it might be in-person, on the phone, or even through video conferencing on your computer! You will have already received a Life Story Questionnaire and Film Specifications document to complete. The personal historian will review these and ask you questions about what you feel are the most important elements of your life story and family history to have in your film. From this, an outline is created that serves you and the personal historian as a guide throughout the videotaped interviews and later when your film is being put together in the editing studio. We'll help you get clear on what you want to say. 


Video Interviews

Depending on the package you choose, the personal historian will visit you once or many times to interview you with a camera running. Lights may be set up and you will have a lapel microphone clipped to your clothing. These sessions usually run between 2 and 4 hours and they can be scheduled at your convenience. It is advisable to discuss wardrobe and salon requirements with the personal historian in advance of your first interview session. You may wish to invite a friend to support you that day but too many can be a disruptive crowd. You may even invite individuals to appear in your film for a brief cameo appearance. Who better to help describe you and your life than your friends and family? Or not! 

We'll also be helping you sort organize your photos, slides, old films, and mementos. We know how to make it simple and less overwhelming. ...but more about that in STEP # 3 - PHOTOGRAPH CAPTURING. 


Photo collections are absolutely priceless family history objects. With someone to say who's in those photos, the next generation is going to be thrilled you did it. 

Your entire photo collection can be converted to digital and stored on your computer, the internet, or a flashdrive to give as a gift. And your photos will look amazing in your video.   

We'll cover 7 more steps that will save you time and frustration.  

And you'll learn how to pass on your life story and family history. [And inspire the next generation!]

Download our free E-book to keep reading all the 10 Simple Steps to Sharing Your Life Story and Your Family History Using Video.

Download Your Free E-Book:  10 Simple Steps to Sharing Your Life Story and Your Family History Using Video

Ready to make your
Life Story Family History Film? 

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