Family History Video Interviews Okanagan

Life Story Family History Video Interviews Okanagan

Personal Historian and Videographer Cory Bretz visits the Okanagan periodically to do video interviews and digital capture of old photo collections.

Cory has interviewed countless seniors about their lives, their family history, their wisdom, and to help them record personal messages for their loved ones. He is an expert in quickly converting paper print photos into usable, shareable digital images. With your video interviews and photos you will be able to give your life story family and family history to your kids and grandkids in video or books. They’re going to be thrilled!

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Cory Bretz

Cory Bretz is a videographer and personal historian. He specializes in interviewing seniors and helping them inspire the future with their life stories, family history, wisdom, blessings, and old photos. Arrange a free consultation to find out about getting your own family history film or storybook.