"Welcome To My Home", says Erika A. 

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Erika A. tells her story and the story of her beloved husband Arturo, her father, her mother, and her brother, all who've passed on.Erika is in her 80's and wanted to get this video done quickly because she wanted to give it as a Christmas present and because she was concerned about the time she has left. She initially had thought that no one would be interested in her story but when she told her children and grandchildren she had hired personal historian Cory Bretz, they were thrilled she was finally going to record their family history story.

Cory's approach to interviewing elders is to create a well-rounded reflection of who they are. Erika's film is very much like a personal visit to her house, complete with the knitted blanket on the couch.

It was a very enjoyable interview in two sessions. I'm so thrilled to be able to give my story to my grand children and great grandchildren in a video. 

Erika A. 92 
Film Client 

Growing up during war time

Bergneustad in Germany was a small little village when Erika A. was growing up in the 1930's. World War II left the town alone for the most part, except that her brother was killed in the closing months of the war.

In this video clip from her life story and family history film, Erika A. talks about the place she came from so her great grandchildren will know forever.Where is your family from?

"Children and grandchildren: This is my family"

The "Finger Tip Naming Tour" and Old Photos: Erika A. Introduces Her Ancestors. She opens up her cherished albums and points out her ancestors in her family photos so her great grandchildren will know who they are. 

A Fabulous Gift

Erika A. Talks About Her Life Story Family History Video From Heirloom Films and Storybooks.  Videos can be delivered on disc, on USB Flash Drive Memory Sticks, and simultaneously streamed from the internet on any device like a phone, tablet, computer, and smart TV.  Erika's film is a treasure trove of family stories aimed at her great great grandchildren. In this short video Erika A. talks about her custom-designed DVD cases containing her life story, and the stories of her late husband, parents, and brother. She wrapped them up and gave them for Christmas presents. 

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