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February 11, 2016

A Dad Story. Do They Matter?

The Henry Singer Story

The Henry Singer Story

A Dad Story.

Do “Dad Stories” matter? I think they do. When I was invited to make a life story family history film for a client and then started to understand who her father had been, I felt very honoured. More correctly, I felt inspired. I was reminded that if her dad could go out and do all those amazing things, then why can’t I? Why can’t anybody?

But the thing about the clip of their film above is that it is about their dad. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet him personally because he was already long gone. But we cobbled together a narrative from his adoring daughter and some old photos, film footage, and even some audio recordings of his voice to make the video. He is now represented in digital video for his great grandchildren who also will never meet him personally. They’ll be meeting him via Vimeo on their smart phones probably.

>>> Watch a Short Clip <<<

In our modern world where dads on TV and in Hollywood movies are often depicted as dumb, out-of-touch, dead-beat, uninvolved, or even dangerous, it’s my humble opinion that the next generation needs to see that men and dads are much more than that.

I love making movies and books about great people to inspire the next generation. If they’ve moved on we can make something interesting and inspiring using what they’ve left behind. If they are still around, don’t wait too long to have me interview them personally on video!

What about your Dad story? Does it matter?

Cory Bretz

Cory Bretz is a videographer and personal historian. He specializes in interviewing seniors and helping them inspire the future with their life stories, family history, wisdom, blessings, and old photos. He can help you create your own life story family history film or storybook. Cory also loves producing fundraising and profile videos for non-profits and conscious corporations that help them do their good works.