One of the greatest ways to celebrate the life of someone who has passed away is with a custom-made video about them. Created from photos, videos, and beautiful music, a properly produced Funeral Tribute Memorial Video will bring your loved one into everyone's heart. Your video will look great on the big screen at the service and can also be available to the whole world on Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

Celebrating our loved ones is a perfect job for video. Attendees will enjoy a still image photo montage with beautiful music, or seeing that old family camcorder and film footage edited to a short video showing before, during and after the service.  The funeral service, celebration of life, and graveside service can be filmed on video and streamed online for those out-of-town who could not attend.

Funeral, Memorial or Celebration of Life Tribute Videos come in two varieties: "About" or "With". The About variety is usually produced after someone has passed away and is compiled from photos and existing video of the person. The With variety is produced before someone passes away and they are included in the filmmaking process, usually acting as the main storyteller. Both are powerful productions for a Memorial Service. The With variety, of course, takes some forethought and work before someone is closer to their passing. Often clients tell us that telling their own story is the perfect activity for coming to terms with their own death. 

Turn-around time can be a significant factor for producing videos for funerals and memorials. Contact us as quick as possible should you want to use video to bring more life to your loved one's last event. 

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Ask us how you can have commercial copyrighted music in the private event version of your video and royalty-free buyout music in your online public version. 

Looking for more ideas for preserving and sharing your life story and family history? Check out our films and storybooks options. 

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