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Cory Bretz Personal Historian

Heirloom Films was started by personal historian and videographer Cory Bretz to help families and seniors pass on their cherished treasures: their life stories, family history, wisdom & blessings, and their photos, films, slides, and mementos. Bretz had noticed that grandchildren and grandparents often live far apart and that even when they are together, there’s few opportunities to tell the stories of the old country or of ancestors.

Making matters worse, kids are often too distracted with TV, cell phones, text messages, computers, video games, and their friends to sit and listen to a story. But someday, maybe years later, they will have questions about their family’s past and their own identity. One of the best way to ensure those answers are available is with video. Using interviews and the latest digital technology Heirloom Films and Storybooks will create an amazing movie or book about your family.

Heirloom Films also creates fundraising videos designed to inspire donors to give to worthy causes.

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