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Getting Done Your Family History Projects!

Ready to actually give your family the most amazing gift ever? They will be thrilled to see your life story family history film or read your book...whenever you actually get it done. If you're a Do-It-Yourselfer these projects aren't that hard to do, unless you get stuck along the way. 

Join personal historian Cory Bretz for an interactive online workshop as he walks through a Q&A session about the stages of a typical family history project. Topics we could be discussing include old photo digitization, film transfers, DNA, genealogy, family trees, life story family history films and videos, self-publishing books, interviewing, online storage, social media sharing, and even online family reunions!


The Perfect Online Workshop For Your Members!

Looking For A Family History Online Workshop for your group, club, society, or association?

Talk to personal historian Cory Bretz about bringing "Getting Done Your Family History Projects" to your crowd as a way to convene your members together safely on Zoom and get them re-engaged in their passion projects! 

Cory's online workshops are educational, entertaining, and inspiring. 

visiting ancestors

Visiting Ancestors Cemetery Walk

Cemetery Walks

Those who’ve come before us are gone and we’ve laid them to rest in our local cemeteries. Our ancestors were fabulous, interesting people who did amazing things and lived unique lives. They loved and nurtured us and tried to teach us how to live our own lives with joy, love, respect, purpose, and fun. It’s time we go visit our ancestors to remember who they are!
Too often we yearn for ways to remember and speak about our ancestors but we sometimes don’t know how or we don’t have the traditions or customs in place in our families and communities. We want to revel in our memories of those people for ourselves because it makes us feel good, strong, loved.

And we want to be able to inspire the next generation - the grandchildren and the great grandchildren - with an appreciation of the long line of amazing people they come from.

Join Personal Historian Cory Bretz at Nanaimo Bowen Road Cemetery as we take a walk through memory lane and visit our ancestors. There will be time for storytelling, reminiscing and sharing. Tears, grief, joy, humour, songs, poems, and whatever moves you to help remember your ancestors is welcome.

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