Sample Films and New Releases

The clients of Heirloom Films and Storybooks are so proud of their videos and books that they want us to show them off publicly here!


Families Of The Land

Ralph is a lawyer and a farmer. He comes from a long line of farmers. He and his father and grandfathers and uncles have all had land appropriated by local authorities to build highways. Ralph became an expert in agricultural law and stood up to city hall. But his life story family history film is also about his ancestors going back several generations. And Ralph made sure to we did video interviews with all the surviving elders in his family, including his own father Norman who was a pilot during World War II. 

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The Billie Davids StoryThe Billie Davids Story

William Benjamin Davids, AKA Billie, is a 90+ cowboy who took his savvy out-on-the-range smarts into business in Lethbridge and Calgary, Alberta. He ran very successful and profitable food and beverage businesses producing pet foods, soft drinks, rental cars, and golf courses. His children Shelley and Perry commissioned this film for their own grand kids.
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dolores-Heirloom-Films-140x140aThe Luber-Seligman Connection

It could be said that the marriage of Ben Luber and Eva Seligman was the merger of two families in Canada’s early 20th century textiles industry. But the story of their lives, family, and exploits is much more. This film was commissioned by their daughter Dolores who wanted to give her grandchildren a special gift at her 75th Birthday Party.
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Henry-S-Heirloom-Films-140x140aThe Henry Singer Story

Henry Singer was a Big Band Leader in the 30’s and 40’s in Saskatoon. He later opened a suit shop in Edmonton that clothed many successful men. He was a founder of the Edmonton Eskimos Football team. This short clip is part of a large film project in which his daughter records their family history for her own grandchildren.
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beagoldberg-newreleases1A Saskatoon Story

The Story of Bea Goldberg is about a family that was always part of community. It’s about strong women who have always been community leaders. And it’s about caring and giving and doing for a greater good, no matter how challenging life is. For Bea, the most important thing was to share something for her grandchildren that inspired them and helps them understand where they come from. Bea Goldberg had just turned 90 when this film was made.
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edswar-heirloom-films-newreleases140x140-1Ed’s War and The Walsh Family Legacy

These are two clips from this one hour life story family history film featuring Ed Walsh as he tells the stories of his life, his two sisters, and his deceased wife Beverly Ilott. Ed shares about the first part of his World War II experiences as a 21 year old Corporal serving with the Regina Rifles in Holland and Germany.  This is a great example of how simple video interviews and old photos can be brought together to make an interesting documentary film.
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ericaanewreleases1A Visit With Erika

When Erika came to Canada from Germany in the 1950’s she couldn’t speak English. Now she speaks better than me.  In this heart-warming film Erika made specifically for her grand children, Erika shares the story of her parents, surviving World War II, meeting her beloved husband Otto, and living an amazing life in Canada. Using “Finger-Tip Naming” Erika points out her ancestors in the photos that have been in her family since the early 1900s.
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sawlefilm-newreleases1The Sawle Story: A Plane Crash

Captain North Sawle was one of Canada’s first airline pilots flying the doomed De Havalind Comet 106 Mark I jet. As a young bush pilot, he had saved lives with his airplane. In the end, he lost his life in an airplane. Meet Captain North Sawle, his captivating wife Frances, and their identical twins, Leslie and Linda. This film was commissioned by Sawle’s daughter Linda, 53 years after his death because she wanted to explain to her own grandchildren who her father was.
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hellmutmaynewreleases1The Story of Dr. Hellmut May

Being one of the youngest competitors in the 1936 Olympics in Germany was only one of Dr. Hellmut May’s accomplishments. He also coached some of Canada’s top Olympic figure skaters: Karen Magnusen, Toller Cranston, Brian Orser, to name a few. In between, he found time to teach hundreds of young, hopeful skaters from Moncton to Vancouver.
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bethtikvahnewreleases1Beth Tikvah Congregation and Centre

The Story of Beth Tikvah Congregation and Centre
Part I of a the film shown at the 4018 Gala Event, this is video is about the creation of a synagogue, pre-school, and a community in the 1970s.

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rjds-newreleases1RJDS Richmond Jewish Day School

The Story of RJDS Richmond Jewish Day School
Part II of a film shown at the 4018 Gala Event, this video tells how a group of inspired and determined parents founded a Jewish day school, despite the odds.

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