The Story of Dr. Hellmut May is one such film. Hellmut’s story is about talent, discipline, athletic commitment, and a bit of luck. It’s also about love, caring and living life to the fullest. This man was only 14 years old when he figure skated in the 1936 Winter Olympics attended by none other than Hitler, Goering, and Goebbels. The rest, as they say, is history!

As an Olympic figure skater, master coach, businessman, father, grandfather, and husband, Dr Hellmut May has shared his life with many people around him. Spanning more than 8 decades, his life story starts out in Vienna, Austria, and follows his many adventures.

I’m so glad my husband Hellmut was able to record his huge, amazing life full of stories on video. It’s such a treasure! I really loved inviting all Hellmut's friends and former skating students to our big screening party. We rented a large golf club banquet room and showed his movie on a big screen. People were so moved. 

Andrea May
Hellmut's wife

In 2010, Dr. Hellmut May was inducted into the Skate Canada Hall of Fame because he was an Olympic athlete himself and for coaching some of Canada’s best known figure skating Olympians.But inspiration came from another source. It was Andrea May, Hellmut’s wife and a former skating student, who commissioned this film. It’s to honour and celebrate the man who dedicated his life to excellence in sports and who had a profound impact on many young athletes. Because of Andrea’s tireless efforts in pulling together the mounds of details that make up this film, it truly is a bonafide heirloom.

You’ll see Dr. Hellmut coaching a skating student, talking about his days in the Vienna Ice Show, see his first role as an actor in a movie back in the 50s, and share with him a toast to life. This life story family history film about Dr. Hellmut May was completed in 2009 and he attended the public Screening. Dr. May passed away in 2011.

I’m asked so often why I got into making life story family history films, videos and books. It’s in the quiet moments when my camera is rolling and my client is in the middle of an amazing story that I realize how blessed I am. When I hear of the challenges and triumphs of the people I am privileged to interview, I am inspired. Dr. Hellmut May was one of those people who really knew how to live life fully, to really show up, and make an impact. It was an honour to be able to chronicle his story for his family. 

Cory Bretz
Personal Historian

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