Digitize Your Old Photos & Films

Digital images are versatile and easily shareable.

If your old paper print photographs are hidden away in albums and boxes, they can be easily digitized so you can share them with your family and the world! If your parents have tons of old photos and you don’t know what to do with them we can handle it for you.

Your photos are unique and have meaning for you and your family. But your prints will fade over time and the paper they are printed on degrades. Even worse, your photo collection might end up in the garbage unless you do something to share and pass on those images. Converting photos to digital images preserves them forever and makes it easy to view and distribute them to others. Images can be stored on durable discs, uploaded to the internet on sites like Facebook or Flikr, or used in life story family history films and videos or print storybooks.

In-Home Image Capture Service

You don’t need to haul your heavy boxes anywhere … our image capture team will come to your home. Using the latest in fast and high quality imaging technology we will quickly convert your whole collection.

Finger Tip Tours

One of the most powerful ways to share your old photos, especially for those large group portraits is the Finger Tip Tour. Using video we film the photo and your finger at the same time recording the sound of your voice while you point out each person, announce their name, and what you know about them. Each photo is a story and each of those people are remembered and honoured.

Pickup Service

We can pickup your photos and albums within Greater Vancouver and bring them back to you once they are scanned. Alternatively we can help you find a local transfer technician geographically close to you. Or you can send them to us by courier.


Loose Photo Prints

It’s best to sort your photos and label them on the back with a pen. Put them into envelopes. Acid-free are the best to avoid long-term degradation and yellowing. Don’t mount the photos in album books unless you’ve already digitally captured the prints. Consider grouping photos by people, places, or sequencing them with numbers, perhaps by approximate months and years. Large group photos are especially valuable for historical reasons and care should be taken to the write the names of the people on the back of the photo. The convention is to list names by the rows of people. Start at the bottom left front row and work to the right. Then the second row (L-R) and the third row (L-R), etc, and the back row (L-R). If someone’s name is unknown, represent their name with “Unknown”.

Photo Prints In Albums

If pictures are already mounted to the pages of photo albums they can digitally captured either on a flatbed scanner or with a DSLR camera and proper lighting. To identify the people in the photos, it’s best to add some stick-on labels below each photo like a caption with the names written on them.

Post-it notes work also but can easily fall off.

Duplicate Photos

For years many film developing companies provided two prints of each shot. What to do with the duplicate of each one? Separate the duplicate and store them at another location . . . at least until the main collection is digitized. After digitization, the photo collection can be safely stowed in sealed plastic tubs and stored away for when the great grandkids want to see it with their own hands!


You old photos will be digitized at 600 DPI, a very high quality. Your photos will look excellent in print, even enlarged as well as for use in screen applications.

Free Image Processing

Color, brightness, and contrast processing of your images is done automatically free of charge. Photo restoration services are available to correct cracks, tears, blemishes, discolouration, and fading.


Your digital photos are stored on a USB Flash Drive or a portable hard drive and/or  in shareable galleries on the internet. They will be high resolution JPG digital images that you can easily move to your computer, the internet, tablet, smart phone, smart TV and a digital photo display. You digital images will be perfect for making your custom life story family history book or film. 

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