Storing & Sharing Your Life Story Family History Video

Storage Options

The Best, The Good, and The Obsolete

  You've finished the shooting and editing and now you want to share your movie with loved ones. Here's the options for long term storage and viewing of your life story family history film video. 

Three options are listed below. You'll be weighing between instant digital accessibility and the habit of gifting something physical with wrapping paper and a bow!


Watch it anywhere -
on any device

We think online streaming is the best because the next generation of your family is right now watching videos on their phones and tablets. They expect your video to be there too!

Your video is stored on one of the largest online video streaming websites. You'll be able to email, text, or post a simple weblink to anyone and they can watch your video on any internet-connected device like a smartphone, smart TV, computer, or tablet. Videos can be public, private, or password protected. Online streaming is recommended because it is the most modern, simple, and accessible type of storage for your video.

It's wise to make sure you keep safe your video weblink and optional password. Make sure you do share it with those who you want to see your video.  

Pricing: Online Streaming through Vimeo is included FREE with your Life Story Family History Film project from Heirloom Films! 

Portfolio Design $125

For maximum security to you we recommend you create your own Vimeo account and upgrade to Vimeo Plus. You'll retain total control of your videos. 


Gift wrap and plug into TVs and Computers

We think physical storage on a USB Flash Drive is good because it is both physical and device-flexible. If you want a physical storage device we recommend USB Flash Drives or portable hard drives.  Just plug the USB Flash Drive directly into your computer, tablet (with an adapter) or modern TV  and you can easily copy, upload, and watch your videos and photos. A word of caution: Content on USB Flash Drives can be deleted or overwritten and the drives must be kept safe like all electronics. 

USB Flash Drives are not automatically included in with your Life Story Family History Film project but can be added on. They come in a beautiful plastic case with custom artwork. Wrap it up and give it as a gift! 

Pricing: USB Flash Drive and Case sets are $60 - $300+ depending on the GB storage size‚Äč.

32 GB $60
64 GB $120
128 GB $250
1 TB HDD $250


Dinosaurs only. Not recommended

We don't recommend optical disc storage solutions like DVD or Blu-Ray anymore because it is almost obsolete technology. Most people don't have DVD or Blu-Ray players and manufacturers aren't including them in new devices.

But if you have a relative who lives somewhere where there's no internet or they don't have a USB enabled TV or computer then a disc might work. Of course, they have to find a DVD or Blu-Ray player which are getting more scare everyday.  

The downside is that DVD players are the least scarce but beautiful HD video gets squashed down to old-fashioned SD and doesn't look so good on modern TVs. 

Pricing: DVD Disc Sets are $60 - $100 each depending on the number of discs and packaging requirements.

1 DVD Disc $60
2 DVD Disc $75
3 DVD Disc $100

Menu Graphics Setup $125

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