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Telling my daughter how much I loved her in my film made me feel so relieved because she will always know she is loved. We also used my husband’s beautiful paintings and art as imagery in my film. It’s the best memorial to him ever.

Marguerite Sutton

I’m so glad my story is preserved for my grandson to hear someday when he’s older. Heirloom Films did a great job!

Barry Hyman
Film Client 

I made my Heirloom Film because passing on our family history is very important to me. There's so much my kids don't know about their family and I want to make sure they have the information. 

Maxine Shaw

My family history film contains all my most important photos, along with the stories that go with them. My grandkids are going to love it! 

Dolly Harper

When my wife became too ill to talk, I was the only one who could pass on the story of her life and her family history. It was very easy to talk to Cory Bretz in front of the camera. He put in photos of her and some lovely music. It’s the best way to pass on to our grandchildren what kind of a women my wife was.

Mark DeWeerdt
Supreme Court Justice

I really enjoyed making my film with Cory. He just asked questions and listened most of the time. Once he had put the photos in and did some editing and narration, my film was so beautiful.

Annica Carlsson

When I was inducted into the Soccer Hall of Fame, my daughter wanted to know more about my soccer days. She was very busy, so she hired Cory Bretz. We spent several mornings together, and I talked about everything from my life and my family. He even filmed my medals, trophies, and newspaper clippings.

Roy "Buster" Cairns
Inductee, Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame

I have dedicated my whole life to helping others. Even after I’m gone my life story family history film will be sharing what I have learned with my grandchildren. That makes me feel useful, forever!

Kathleen Croft

I just wanted my grandchildren to have something special to remember me by. Besides, I’ve seen things that they could only dream of!

Janet Vigner
Past President, WRCNs, Pacific Region

My dad means a lot to me. But my busy life means I can’t spend enough time with him to hear all his stories. Remembering all the details is even more difficult. Heirloom Films made a great film about my dad so now I will always have him, as close as my TV set.

Janice Pardy

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