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Been planning to write a book?

Kids pressuring you to record your stories?

Professionally published print bound books. Share them on the internet too!


It is easy to have your own book written and published.

At Heirloom Films and Storybooks we specialize in helping you record, preserve, and share your life story, family history and old photos. Imagine giving beautiful print storybooks that will be the source of delightful bedtime stories for your family’s youngsters for generations!

With simple interviews and your old photos you’ll be giving the most amazing gifts…your storybook!

The process of making a book is quite simple and can be accomplished at your pace in-person, by phone and through the internet. We offer complete bookmaking services including  research, genealogy, photography, custom graphic design, layout, and imposition, writing, editing, proofreading, printing, and delivery!

You’ll start out the process by completing a simple questionnaire that start to outline the chapters of your book. Contact us for your free consultation and Book Questionnaire.


See Sample Books Online


The Story Of MWO Kenneth Gordon Tutte, SK62292


Metal Of The Earth: The Story of Peter William Cassidy And His Family


The Process of Making Your Storybook

The process of having your storybook created and printed involves several steps. First we discuss the parameters of your book, that is, the physical dimensions, the approximate number of pages, the imagery you may have, and we review any previously written text you may already have. Interviews are conducted to gather the stories, writing and editing conducted to make the text easily readable in short story format – perfect for kid’s bedtime stories. Then we capture in high resolution any paper print photos and mementos that you’d like included in your storybook. Genealogical data and family trees can also be included.

Various design options are discussed and your book is laid out using professional graphic design software and paginated for printing. You’ll get to review Draft #1, make suggestions for change, additions, and deletions. Then you’ll receive Draft #2, and potentially Draft #3. Once it’s just right, your book is uploaded to a reputable online book publishing company and you can order your copies and have them shipped directly to you or your relatives! 

The process of creating a print storybook can take several months to more than a year depending on the availability of your story tellers to provide info, the complexity and volume of the content, and the speed of reviews and re-edits/re-designs. 

Storybooks make the perfect gift either in it’s final printed version or as a gift certificate for someone to start the storybook making process and tell their story.  If someone is to be featured in a book like a parent or grandparent, we don’t recommend making a book about them without their participation. Instead, get them involved. They’ll thank you later! 

Our Storybook making process is well suited for parents, grandparents and families who want to pass on their story in book form but don’t have time to do the writing and compiling themselves. 

To get started with your storybook project click Free Consultation below. 


Personal Historian Cory Bretz with fellow happy bookmakers!

Personal Historian Cory Bretz (fourth on the right) seen learning with fellow professional bookmakers!