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Ralph’s Family Of The Land

Ralph has always been a lover of his family history. He has boxes of old photos and documents going back more than 150 years. And he's on a first name basis with the staff at the local city records department. Four generations of his family have been farmers who have all had to fight for their land and rights against local governments who were trying to appropriate their farm land to build highways.  Every single one of his grand fathers and his father, as well as him and his brother have lost farmland to highway construction. 

So after spending his youth on the farm, building barns, raising cattle and crops, and driving tractors tilling the land, Ralph went to university and became a lawyer. And he specialized in Agricultural Law. 

This clip below is a few minutes of the film where Ralph has made sure we interviewed all the surviving elders of his family. This is his father Norman talking about how he served in World War II.

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