Bea Goldberg just turned 90 when we made her life story family history film.

For her, the most important thing was to share something for her grandchildren, something that inspired them and helped them understand where they come from.Filmed in the summer of 2013, The Story of Bea Goldberg is about a family that was always part of the fabric of community. It's about strong women who have always been community leaders. And it's about caring and giving and doing for greater good, no matter how challenging life is.

Initially Bea's son had started to interview his mom but discovered that the challenge was helping her relax into her story, about triggering memories. He asked Personal Historian Cory Bretz to interview Bea and to capture her photo collection to create a film that would become not only a highlight on their family's cruise but also an heirloom that would be passed down for generations.

Your family could have the most amazing movie ever made.

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