Facebook Live Q&A - Heirloom Films and Storybooks
April 28, 2019

Facebook Live Q&A

Tune in Live on Facebook with personal historian Cory Bretz as he talks about everything family history. He'll cover the most modern ways to pass on life stories, genealogy, old photos and explain how easy it is to make videos and books. Get all your questions answered.  See it Live here: RSVP on Facebook.

Cory Bretz

Cory Bretz is a videographer and personal historian. He specializes in interviewing seniors and helping them inspire the future with their life stories, family history, wisdom, blessings, and old photos. He can help you create your own life story family history film or storybook. Cory also loves producing fundraising and profile videos for non-profits and conscious corporations that help them do their good works.