Honouring Ancestors

Honouring Ancestors

The web show and workshop where you can explore your family tree and cast the characters for your family movie or storybook. Complete the Casting Submission form below to apply to spotlight your family member on an upcoming episode of Honouring Ancestors. 

How To Spotlight Your Family Member on Honouring Ancestors

Step 1: Get Plugged In

To hear about upcoming episodes of Honouring Ancestors make sure you're on our email list so we can send you the unique audience link for the online show. 

Step 2

Choose two or three of your deceased relatives for you whom you know the most stories about and have 2 - 10 photos for. Attend our next Honouring Ancestors online workshop to start narrowing down which one relative you'll spotlight first. 

Step 3

Complete the Honouring Ancestors Casting Submission form below to apply to spotlight your chosen relative's story on Honouring Ancestors. Sorry, not all submissions will be accepted due to overwhelming response.

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