Richmond Jewish Day School

We came to Cory Bretz of Heirloom Films late in the game to produce a short video profiling the origins and development of both a local synagogue and our school, totaling more than 60 years of combined history. He did a great job under pressure, corralling over a dozen lay leaders from both institutions to interview, and he did it with humour and grace. The end product was fantastic! Abba Brodt, Principal, Richmond Jewish Day School

Abba Brodt, Principal 
Richmond Jewish Day School

This is Part II of the video shown at the 4018 Gala on November 23, 2013. This video tells the story of RJDS Richmond Jewish Day School in Richmond, BC, Canada.

If there’s one gift we can give children it’s a great education. At Richmond Jewish Day School (RJDS) the children are imbued with Jewish values and a meaningful connection to their common cultural heritage, while at the same time given a solid academic grounding. A school that’s at the heart of Richmond’s Jewish community, parents describe RJDS as an oasis. “Here, our children receive a Jewish cultural and social experience that keeps them feeling intrinsically connected,” they say. RJDS is a fully accredited, community-based Jewish independent school that combines outstanding academics, shared heritage and a deep understanding of Jewish religion and values. Extending from kindergarten through Grade 7, RJDS represents the entire spectrum of the Jewish community. This video is the story of how RJDS came to be.


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