Scrapbook To Modern Family History Storybook - Heirloom Films and Storybooks
October 6, 2021

Scrapbook To Modern Family History Storybook

How to convert an old scrapbook into an inspiring family history storybook!

The problem with those old photo albums is that they are not shareable. Sure, you can show it to people in the same room as you. But to really share an old photo album it needs to be digitized and then put somewhere family members can access it.

Personal historian Cory Bretz talks about how he digitizes old paper photo albums and scrapbooks, develops the images, and then designs a modern family history storybook. The point is to make the images easy to see, group them into spreads that are great for stories, and more importantly to add in text stories about the people, places, dates, and perhaps even a family tree and some recipes!

This project he's talking about in this video involves an old 1950s back paper album that had all the photos glued in at a 45 degree angle. The album pages seemed to be out of order because the sequence of images didn't make any sense. So Cory digitized the whole thing and reconstructed a 10 x 13 photo book that is print-ready and also sharable and readable online. 

Cory Bretz

Cory Bretz is a videographer and personal historian. He specializes in interviewing seniors and helping them inspire the future with their life stories, family history, wisdom, blessings, and old photos. He can help you create your own life story family history film or storybook. Cory also loves producing fundraising and profile videos for non-profits and conscious corporations that help them do their good works.